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Cold Air Will Ruffle Some Feathers Next Week!

Don't forget to dress that Thanksgiving turkey with a hat and some gloves on top because it's going to be quite cold outside next week!

For the past several days, forecast models have agreed on one thing precisely: abnormally low temperatures surging into the Central and Eastern United States by early next week. Below here's a look at the cool air (painted in green/blue/purple) dumping right into the United States. Initially making its way through the Mid-west starting Sunday and migrating through the East for a majority of the holiday week. This cold air will be trailing in behind a strong cold front.

Eyes are glued on this cold front attached to a potent storm system. Earlier in the week, the Europen model had this system passing right through the Great Lakes region, swinging in not only cold air but some higher snowfall potential as well. Luckily, updated model runs tell a different story. This low-pressure system will pack a punch, but not for the Northeast. As of late, it will be traveling north of the United States through eastern Canada (shown below). With that being said there's still low confidence in the track of this system. A more southern track can not be completely ruled out with impending changes in the weather pattern.

Also note, the cold front itself will still bring some rain/snow and gusty winds along with it, and the Great Lakes will have some lake effect snow trailing in soon behind with all that cool air.

Here's a closer look at high temperatures Tuesday afternoon after the cold front has already passed. Western NY/PA will see highs topping off near 30 degrees with most hours of the day lingering in the 20s, and that doesn't even take into consideration wind chill.

Wednesday will still be cold with temperatures only a few degrees higher topping off in the mid-30's. For Thanksgiving day, highs will warm slightly making their way closer to 40's, which is still cold, but not nearly as cold as 20's with an awful wind chill by any means.

Be sure to stay bundled up this holiday week!

Safe travels,

Jordyn Jenna

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